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About the Washington County Citizen Action Network

We are a growing coalition of individuals and groups working to protect and improve the quality of life in Washington County.  Our participants take on many different issues, but we share a commitment to sustainability, social and economic justice, and citizen empowerment for open, responsive government.

By sharing information with each other, with the public, and with elected officials we hope to make all our efforts more successful.

Founding Ideas

Many of the grassroots groups and advocacy organizations active in Washington County communities are aimed at improving some aspect of our quality of life.  We hope that by getting better acquainted with other activists and our motivating issues, we will:

  • discover common ground, common problems and areas of overlapping interest,
  • share useful information,
  • increase each groupís effectiveness on its issues, and
  • influence the direction of political, social and economic change in our communities.

We do not expect to agree on all issues or how they should be resolved.  We do agree to listen respectfully, finding commonalities and fostering a culture of civility and collaboration.

We believe that together we can better support:

  • each groupís advocacy efforts,
  • like-minded public officials,
  • more open, transparent, and responsive government in this county and region,
  • well-informed citizen participation in governmental decision-making.


We are incorporated in the State of Oregon as a non-profit public benefit corporation.

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